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The YMCA is taking food distribution on the road, and we need volunteers to help! For nearly a year, the Wake County Public School System has been delivering meals to children and their families in Wake County. 

Since February, the YMCA has been in charge of school meal deliveries on Y buses - stopping in neighborhoods and hotels across Wake County. This work is in partnership with Wake County Public Schools, Activate Good and Wake County Government.

Delivery and Volunteer Information

YMCA buses pick up boxes of food from Wake County School cafeterias and deliver to neighborhoods once a week. Deliveries consist of weekly meal "bundles" that have meals for a child for an entire week.

  • We need volunteers to help load meal boxes from the cafeteria onto YMCA buses, ride the bus to delivery sites, distribute boxes at each site and return materials and leftover food to the school cafeteria.
  • There are six routes per day Tuesdays - Thursdays and one route on Fridays.
  • Each shift is approximately four hours and starts around 10 a.m. and ends around 2 p.m. (Please note: shift times may vary. )
  • Volunteers sign up to help at a specific school and will meet at that school to load the YMCA bus.
  • To find specific locations and times to volunteer, click the link below.

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