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12 Days of Fit-Mas Challenges

This holiday season, members can join us for not ONE but TWO fitness challenges!

What is the “12 Days of Classes” Challenge?

“12 Days of Classes” is a group fitness challenge highlighting a different class format each day to help strengthen our YMCA group-ex community and to help members get into the holiday spirit. Members who participate in the group fitness classes will be encouraged to put up an ornament with their name on it on our paper Christmas tree by the front desk. A table will be set up with ornaments in front of the tree and members will be able to put a new sticker on their ornament for every class (can be any group fitness class) completed! 

Mon., Dec 6 - Cycle 
Tues., Dec 7 - Water Fitness 
Wed., Dec 8 - Pilates 
Thurs., Dec 9 - Yoga 
Fri., Dec 10 - TBS + Virtual TBS 
Sat., Dec 11 - Cycle 
Sun., Dec 12 - Zumba 
Mon., Dec 13 - Bootcamp 
Tues., Dec 14 - Barre 
Wed., Dec 15 - Gentle Yoga 
Thurs., Dec 16 - STT 
Fri., Dec 17 - Cardio Dance

What is the “12 Days of Fit-Mas” Challenge?

The “12 Days of Fit-Mas” Challenge is an Accumulator workout- adding one exercise each day (ex. 1 min plank, 2 burpees, etc.) This challenge can be done as a warmup, as your workout, or as a finisher at the end of your workout each day. There will be a white board on the wellness floor with that day’s workout and extra exercises will be added daily.


What if I miss a class?
This challenge is all for fun so members can complete as many or as few as they would like.

Who can participate in the Challenges?
YMCA adult (16+) members and younger members that have completed the middle school orientation.

How do I register and is there a cost?
No registration is needed for these challenges and they are completely free of charge!

How can I engage more with the challenges and my Y Community on social media?
For “12 days of Classes”, take a picture of your ornament or with the tree by the welcome center and tag us on social media @YMCATriangle. For “12 Days of Fit-Mas”, tag us in a video of you performing that days workout or in your post workout selfie!

Who do I contact if I have more questions? Our Senior Wellness Director: Jessica Chorba