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Behind the Scenes: Youth & Government Conference

By Lydia Penny

The North Carolina Y&G officers’ leadership does so much to prepare for the conference, meetings, and Y&G events. Many delegates do not realize the lengthy amount of time and continual effort that they put in. This year’s conference will be different from any other, but together we can create weekends to remember!

Although Y&G is not the same as previous years, our Y&G Governor, Connor Cabot, expressed his excitement for some new, fun experiences on the virtual meetings.

He said, “We’ve got some exciting things up our sleeve, including a virtual game night!” As well as his assurance of fun breaks from our long meetings, Cabot added, “More than any other year, this has been the most solid, most copiously prepared conference ever.” 

With Conference being virtual and on Zoom this year, there is always room for chaos. There are no promises that it will be perfect, but rest assured that our officer team comes prepared.

The Speaker of the House, William Burns, said, “We have practiced and run through what every situation could look like and are preparing for the unexpected. We know that there will be hiccups, but we have to work through it and keep going.”

Although we are not physically able to interact, the officer team is working their hardest to connect with their delegates and make this a memorable experience. 

Chief Justice Brooks Meine shared the Court of Appeals’ approach and gave insightful advice to delegates.

He said, “When it comes to Court of Appeals, we have made multiple entertaining and informative videos to keep delegates engaged. We have sent them out periodically, and we hope that delegates make the most of them!”

The Court of Appeals officer team is excited to see the attorneys argue and debate at the conference.

Even though the virtual conference was unexpected, the officer team is looking forward to interacting with delegates and seeing their ideas and hard work in action.

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