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Youth Swim Lessons

YMCA youth swim lessons emphasize water safety, skill and stroke development. 

Youth swim lessons are offered year-round for swimmers ages 6 - 12 of all skill levels.

YMCA swim lessons emphasize water safety, skill and stroke development.

Beginning swimmers are introduced to basic stroke movement and learn how to be more comfortable in the water. More advanced swimmers are instructed in stroke technique, endurance and safety skills.

YMCA swim lessons have a low child-to-instructor ratio to ensure plenty of time in the water. Swim lessons and classes are available during the week and on weekends. Parents are welcome to watch lessons from the pool deck.

All children are evaluated at the beginning of each session and placed in the appropriate level based on demonstrated ability. 

*For the comfort of our instructors, they have the option of utilizing a face shield. An emphasis on consistent social distancing during in-pool instruction (6' or roughly an arm's length plus a kickboard) is our primary, CDC-advised modification to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is in addition to our screening and cleaning protocols. Deck-based swim instruction may be administered with the use of a face mask.

Swim Lesson Critical Skills


  • Tread water for 15 seconds without floatation
  • Jump, push, turn and grab
  • Float on back for 20 seconds without floatation
  • Streamlined front glide for 10 feet with roll
  • Swim 12.5 yards front crawl with floatation
  • Swim 12.5 yards elementary backstroke with floatation


  • Tread water for 30 seconds without floatation
  • Jump into water and resurface (5 ft. minimum)
  • Perform a seated dive
  • Swim 12.5 yards front crawl
  • Swim 12.5 yards backstroke
  • Swim 12.5 yards breaststroke


  • Swim 25 yards front crawl
  • Swim 25 yards backstroke
  • Swim 25 yards breaststroke
  • Perform a standing dive
  • Swim 12.5 yards sidestroke

The Y knows each child is different and will advance at his or her own pace. Learning to swim takes time and patience. Y swim instructors will let parents know how each child progressed at the end of the session.

Registration Dates

Spring Lessons
Feb. 1: Members
Feb. 15: Program Participants

Summer Lessons
April 1: Members
Summer swim lessons are only available for YMCA Members. 

Fall Lessons
Aug. 1: Members
Aug. 15: Program Participants

Winter Lessons
Nov. 1: Members
Nov. 15: Program Participants

Not all lesson days and times are available for Program Participants, due to demand.

Aquatics Directors

A.E. Finley YMCA, Linda Singh
Alexander Family YMCA, Gretchen Golz
Chapel Hill - Carrboro and Meadowmont YMCAs, Denise Done
Downtown Durham and Hope Valley Farms YMCAs, Stanley Bass
Ingram Family YMCA, Christopher McLaughlin
Kerr Family YMCA, Lorie Buchholz
Kraft Family YMCA, Kristin Hutchins
Northwest Cary YMCA, Allie LoPiccolo
Poole Family & East Triangle YMCAs, Jessica Meder
Taylor Family YMCA, Eric Bjorkquist
Southeast Raleigh YMCA, Christopher Thomas
YMCA at Knightdale Station, Jeff Little